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Qorum: a social app

Do you want to maximize the fun in your nightlife? We all are living in an age where no one has enough leisure time. We have extremely hectic routines, in which we do not find time to relax and calm our nerves. So, the only time to get yourself a “little ME” time and to refresh your energy is to go out in the night.

However, choosing the best place for a night out is a much more difficult task than you think. In this piece, we talk about the new social app which is about to launch in 2018- the Qorum.  The Qorum is going to be your answer to the question regarding which place to choose as your night out. Before that let’s just discuss what actually the Qorum is?

Well, basically Qorum is a new social app that will be operated through your smartphones. The app helps you to find the best bars in your local area. So now you do not need to argue with your friends to choose the best bar for your night plans.  However, the features of Qorum does not end here. There is much more to you can find in this social app, all you need is to keep on reading this piece.

Qorum Social app features

Your best advisor:

The Qorum app is your best advisor when it comes to choosing from a variety of bars in your locality. Find out the best deals offered by various bars near you, and make your decision more easy and calculated. With the help of this amazing app now the users as well as the bars getting the required benefits.


The Qorum is not only helping you to find the best night out spot but it also amazing deals and discount in association with various bar owners or management. Now, you not only find the best place but you will be able to tap some of the most amazing discounts deals as well.

Mobile payment facility:

Another most exciting feature associated with Qorum is the mobile payment facility. How many time did you forget your money and face the embarrassment? Well, not anymore, with the help of Qorum now you have the payment option available to you all the time. So, the next time you forget your wallet back home, just open the app and pay the bill.

Uber ride for free:

Isn’t it great to have all the facility in one place? Well, we all love it to have everything under one roof. Now you do not need to install any other social app to hire a ride back to home to another bar. As the Qorum offers to its valuable users the facilities to use the Qorum to hire the ride from Uber. All you need is to sign in and the rest will be a quite convenient procedure to follow.

Moreover, the Qorum also offers the free ride facility with Uber to its users to drive home not only safely but also cost-effective.

The Qorum is a social app back by the patent-pending technology having headquarter in San Francisco. This app promises you to not only enhance your nightlife experience but also to facilitate your return as well.

Reasons why Social Media Marketing is Greater than you Think

Social Media is one of the beasts of the recent times, and the beast has already devoured a large part of the popular. People are simply finding reasons to a part of it every single day. But today there a lot of people who think that social media marketing is an over-rated concept. Isn’t that a little weird? This is where I would strongly like to contradict. In fact, I would even go to the extent of saying that the concept of social media marketing is underrated to an extent. So here are some of the reasons as to why social media marketing is greater than you think.

Reasons why Social Media Marketing is Greater than you Think

Tonnes of people use it:

The doubts with regard to whether social media will reach people could have been reasonable a decade ago, but not today. Today millions of people live and breathe social media. It is at the glimpse of the notifications column we begin our day, and it is quite unreasonable for us to talk about the reach. With good targeting you can reach out to the whole world. That is power of social media for you today.

Money-making opportunity:

Who is not interested in making money out of every single thing that they do? Social media marketing is one such platform. You simply get paid for endorsing brands and advertising banners in the simplest possible way you can. That is why working as a part of social media marketing is increasing in the recent times. The biggest advantage is that we live in different time zones and as a virtue of that you can work day in and day out to become more progressive.


Nothing can create the impact that social media today has on people. This is probably the main reason as to why people knock the doors of social media marketers. It is just about the reach and the impact that people create through word-of-mouth strategy. People simply can’t stop bragging about something that they recently saw on social media. It is this human attribution that acts as the leverage to create better impact and interest.

Little to zero investment:

When it comes to social media marketing, in most of the cases, the money that the beneficiary invests is little to zero. That is the reason why the ROI and the result that we get out of social media marketing is always huge. Sometimes every single dollar that you earn is profit that comes of zero investment. Even if you make an investment, it is going to meagre when compared to the profits that you will make in the future.

Lack of knowledge:

So this is the reason as to why we say that the idea of social media marketing is underrated even today. We still are not aware of the things that social media can help us achieve. This lack of knowledge is the main reason as to we are not benefitting out of media marketing, but we simply pass the buck onto the incapacity of the platform that we are using. Gaining knowledge can help us make better use of the social media marketing.


Types of Social Media a Marketer should know.

As a person who is trying to sell a particular service or product, you need to understand the importance of connecting with your customers who are on social media. You will be amazed to know the number of people who are always on these social media sites. As a marketer, you need to know all the best practises of all the social media sites.

Types of Social Media a Marketer should know.

The following are some of the types of social media which every marketer should know:

Social Networks:

Social networks are also known as relationship networks as they help people to connect with each other and share many ideas and information. Some of the top social networks are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. Millions of people are on these sites, and you can easily create a brand recognition using these social media sites. As the mobile internet has become an integral part of many people’s lives, you can expand your business in ways you cannot imagine.

Media sharing networks:

Media sharing networks are used by people to share videos, photos, live videos etc. You can expand your business by sharing media on such sites and create brand awareness. Some of the Media sharing networks include Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram etc. Most of the media sharing networks allow you to post your advertisements are videos or posters on their sites.

Discussions forums:

Discussion forums are mostly used to share information and to discuss a common matter. These discussion forums are excellent platforms for you to do some marketing research. You can also advertise on these sites and gain your customers. Discussion forums are not quite popular these days, but there are still a large number of people that can be found on sites like Quora, Digg, Reddit etc. Many people are not shy to express their opinions on these discussion forums. Most of the discussion forums allow their users to be anonymous so that the users can express their opinions more freely.

Review networks:

There are many social media sites which allow consumers to share a review of a specific brand or product. These reviews that are posted by the consumers are kind of content to add to your business. Sites such as Yelp, trip advisor, Zomato allow you to post many reviews about various things. Sites like Zomato are specific to restaurants, and you can write reviews about multiple restaurants on that site.

Blogging networks:

Blogging networks are used to discover, publish and also comment on various contents that are posted online. Content marketing is an efficient way to capture the attention of your audience and when you have positive comments on the content that you have posted your brand will get recognised, and it will generate many sales and leads.

The 5 Best Social Media Channels for Business Marketing

Social media Channels have been a game changer for businesses in today’s world. Social media sites have given us the chance to communicate and connect with each other, and more importantly, it has given us the possibility to market directly to our potential customers. Social media has also made it very simple for businesses to advertise and reach out to people. No longer do companies need to spend huge amounts of money to gain customers. To reach out to potential customers from these social media sites, you need to be familiar with how they work. The following are some of the best social media sites for gaining more clients.

The 5 Best Social Media Channels for Business Marketing


Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites in the world. There are about 1.59 billion users on Facebook, and you can find users from all over the world. It provides you with a brilliant platform to reach out to people around the globe. Fookbook servers as a medium for small businesses to create brand awareness and letting people know about your business through events and other things. You can post your ads on your wall on Facebook, and it is quite brilliant how it spreads from one group to another.


Being the second largest search engine is one of the best social media sites that can be used by marketers. Youtube offers a lot of traction, and it also provides behind the scenes optimisation of content to improve the rankings of your company. People can post comments on Youtube and even rate and share the video. You can develop your business by developing a creative visual content that can grab the attention of your customers.


You can share short text messages that are about 140 characters or fewer along with images, links, videos, polls etc. You can connect with others on Twitter by simply mentioning their names on your post. There are about 328 million active users all over the world and Twitter being a huge social media it provides you with the opportunity to advertise, and it is also a great channel to handle customer service. If you have an interesting content twitter will be a great platform to spread your message all over the world.


Pinterest allows you to save lots of content by pinning it through digital bulletins that can be organised by various categories. Customers can pin various content that they like the most based on categories. For example, a user may be interested in restaurants, and he/she can pin all the content that is related to restaurants while another user may be interested in football or photography and pin all the content that is related to that particular field.


Instagram is also a platform for sharing photos and videos. Most of the posts in Instagram are about food, music, travel, fashion and art. You can post pictures about an event that happened in your business so that the people on the site will be able to see the photos and come to know about your business.