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Do you want to maximize the fun in your nightlife? We all are living in an age where no one has enough leisure time. We have extremely hectic routines, in which we do not find time to relax and calm our nerves. So, the only time to get yourself a “little ME” time and to refresh your energy is to go out in the night.

However, choosing the best place for a night out is a much more difficult task than you think. In this piece, we talk about the new social app which is about to launch in 2018- the Qorum.  The Qorum is going to be your answer to the question regarding which place to choose as your night out. Before that let’s just discuss what actually the Qorum is?

Well, basically Qorum is a new social app that will be operated through your smartphones. The app helps you to find the best bars in your local area. So now you do not need to argue with your friends to choose the best bar for your night plans.  However, the features of Qorum does not end here. There is much more to you can find in this social app, all you need is to keep on reading this piece.

Qorum Social app features

Your best advisor:

The Qorum app is your best advisor when it comes to choosing from a variety of bars in your locality. Find out the best deals offered by various bars near you, and make your decision more easy and calculated. With the help of this amazing app now the users as well as the bars getting the required benefits.


The Qorum is not only helping you to find the best night out spot but it also amazing deals and discount in association with various bar owners or management. Now, you not only find the best place but you will be able to tap some of the most amazing discounts deals as well.

Mobile payment facility:

Another most exciting feature associated with Qorum is the mobile payment facility. How many time did you forget your money and face the embarrassment? Well, not anymore, with the help of Qorum now you have the payment option available to you all the time. So, the next time you forget your wallet back home, just open the app and pay the bill.

Uber ride for free:

Isn’t it great to have all the facility in one place? Well, we all love it to have everything under one roof. Now you do not need to install any other social app to hire a ride back to home to another bar. As the Qorum offers to its valuable users the facilities to use the Qorum to hire the ride from Uber. All you need is to sign in and the rest will be a quite convenient procedure to follow.

Moreover, the Qorum also offers the free ride facility with Uber to its users to drive home not only safely but also cost-effective.

The Qorum is a social app back by the patent-pending technology having headquarter in San Francisco. This app promises you to not only enhance your nightlife experience but also to facilitate your return as well.