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So many applications have been used by marketers to determine how much consumers will like a particular product or service. There is today a new app that claims it can predict whether or not you will like a certain type of wine. It is even crazier as the app determines this before you even taste the wine.

Sounds crazy right? It is like you just look at the wine bottle and love it already. This mobile wine app called wine ring uses the help of a secret, patented algorithm to determine this. Meaning, the app can already tell you whether you will buy the wine or not before you even enter a shop.

There have been a series of wine apps in the recent times, and this is the latest one. They are all aimed at solving your wine-related problems if and when you have them.

Can you imagine that! You don’t even have to touch the wine bottle to like it. Simply use your mobile phone and a simple wine app to find and solve even the problems you never knew you had with wine.

There are hundreds of wine apps on the market today. All of them promise to offer you everything you need for wine-related cases. They help with staff like pronouncing wine names, calculating the tax on the wine bottle you are buying in the UK or anywhere else. The apps even have maps to major wineries –Winery Passport.

However, a very small number can direct you to the wine you will enjoy drinking, and at a price, you are comfortable with. The apps below are among these few apps with easy to use format and a simple way to buy too.

Wine ring

This is the latest app on the market and has received a lot of media hype. The app is free for Android and iPhone, and it is ready for prime time.

As you take the photos of wines you have tasted, it builds a profile for you and rates them. The profile helps the app determine whether you will like other labels.

The only downside of the app is that you have to rate test a lot of wine bottles before it kicks in.


All you have to do is take the photo of the wine you like and the information will automatically pop-up. It is a wine app for both Android and iPhone, and it works within seconds.

The only problem, it is only found in the US.


This is a wine app similar to Delectable, only that there is more information provided for each wine page. You can also scan a restaurant wine list, and the ratings will pop up.

The only problem is the cost of the premium version.


This is an android and iPhone wine app for one of the most widely used wine websites. It is the best when you want to find where to buy wine.

It has one downside that the label identification feature is not so accurate.

Now that you are in the know, the choice is yours. The wine apps above are the most recommended.