Cannabis wine, also commonly known as green wine, has been around the wine making world for quite some time. However, the wineries and winemakers had to make it privately as it was not official. But now, it is official. Weed and wine is definitely a thing and many wineries and winemakers are exploiting the opportunities that this industry is presenting.

Some Facts About Cannabis Wine

Here are some facts about Cannabis infused wine:
• Cannabis wine is currently only legally available for purchase in California.
• The per bottle price of cannabis infused wine ranges from $60-$400.
• If you are buying green wine in California, then you just need the government ID that proves that you are over 21. You don’t need a Medical Marijuana card to make the purchase.
• Even though there is no alcohol in Cannabis wine, it is still illegal in the United States.
• Green wines can contain THC (depends on the wineries that make it). Such wines will give you a high, but not the one you would expect.
• Since there is no alcohol in cannabis wine, you will experience no hangovers.
• Aromas in green wine usually comes from terpenes. It is the same aroma component that is usually found in different varieties of grapes.

How Cannabis Wine is Made?

High-end wineries take roughly a pound of cured marijuana, cover it in cheesecloth, and then add it to a barrel that contains grape juice from variety of grapes like Viognier, Grenache, Sauvignon Blanc, etc. The ‘package’ then ferments with the wine for over a year and when temperatures only hit a maximum of 90°F, only CBD is released from it, but not THC. As a result, the cannabis wine made in this way will not make you feel high but create general tranquility and muscle relaxation.

Is Cannabis Wine Safe?

Yes. Ingesting cannabis in any form is generally safe. However, if you are new to the experience, then it is recommended that you start off low and slow. If the cannabis wine is THC infused, then you should take a small sip first and then wait for at least an hour. Just like alcohol, you have to learn your reaction and tolerance.

What Are Some Quality Cannabis Wines That Are Available?

Cannawine is a popular name when it comes to quality cannabis infused wines. It is a high-end beverage that combines marijuana and biodynamic viticulture with the same precise winemaking and growing care as any cult wine. Know Label is another cannabis infused wine that is gaining popularity. And if you like Sauvignon Blanc, then try the cannabis wine from Rebel Coast Winery. It is a quality cannabis wine that is infused with THC.

Final Word

Cannabis and wine seem to make good partners. Wineries are targeting millennials and boomers and want to be in the trend. However, the industry is still relatively new and the laws are also somewhat murky. While you can, and if you are curious and adventurous, get in line to experience what is currently the biggest deal in the cannabis industry.